Emily Miller Original Jewelry & Art

ArtistaTree, was founded in 2006.  Its intention is to showcase not only my work, but share my love of jewelry, art, and the beauty of other cultures.  

I have been making jewelry since I was young; I was originally taught by two very special women: my grandmother Janet, and Dawn Major, a wonderful family friend who was an accomplished, self-taught jeweler.  From an early age I was inspired by the power of designing and making things by hand, and I am moved today by that same love of creation to share my work with others and seek out artisans with similar interests.  I have had countless teachers and inspirations over the years, and I owe thanks to many for encouraging my passion for art in all of its forms.

My jewelry fuses my interests and inspirations into small, individual works of beauty.  I bring together materials from all over the world, from various points in history.  Whether organic or man-made, I love to work with the unique quality of the stones, gems, metals and beads I collect through my travels and connections with traders and merchants from all over the world.  I love taking disparate raw materials and combining them in surprising and unique ways.  Some of my stones and beads are hundreds of years old, have passed through many owners and traveled over countless countries and multiple continents to find their way to me, and through me take on a new life in a new form.

I always try to use materials that are of the highest quality; many are rare and difficult to find or reproduce, and therefore many of my pieces cannot be duplicated.  Most of my work is limited edition or one-of-a-kind.

ArtistaTree is an outgrowth of my interest in the craft and artistry of handmade objects and a website where I hope to bring, not only my own work, but the work of my favorite independent artists and businesses to a large on-line audience.  I believe that the act of sharing inspiring and original art is a powerful form of communication and it has the ability to connect people across cultural, national, religious, and linguistic boundaries.

Please join my mailing list to receive updates, discounts, and news about exciting new artists and organizations that I hope to continually add to the site.  Any and all questions and feedback are welcomed: please email me at artistatree@gmail.com

Thank you for stopping by, and come again!

Emily Miller

I have to give special thanks to Marissa and Jon Saints of Dsenyo for their support and inspiration, Anna and Mark Holland of Dorje Designs for their help as I was starting out, my family Val, Zach and Sylvia, and above all my amazing, beautiful companions Maja and Patrick, who is my partner in all things big and small.

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